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Thread: mIRC login script?

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    Default mIRC login script?

    So yeah, is there a login script which types automatically /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <pass>?

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     on *:start:{
    on *:connect:{
      if ($network == Rizon) {
        msg NickServ identify <yourpassword>
        join #chat
        ;To disable the automatic join, you can either delete it or comment it by using a ";" character.
    Open up your Script Editor in mIRC by hitting ALT + R and paste these two in there, WITH YOUR INFORMATION PROVIDED. This was a simple script a buddy of mine whipped up and I've had no problems out of it. Should be extremely simple to add more networks/channels/etc.


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    I wouldn't recommend using $network == _____
    Network name can easily be spoofed by anyone that sets up an IRCd on a server and then if they get you to connect to their server mIRC will think you're connecting to Rizon and trigger the script and BAM they have your login credentials.
    I would suggest using $serverip and making sure the $serverip is one of Rizon's IPs. More secure that way.

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