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    Default Channel Takeover Policy

    In view that from time to time there are channel founders who have gone inactive for an extensive period of time that leads to various problems in channel management and operation, we are now introducing a channel takeover policy which allows channel operators to claim the channel's foundership before the founder's nick expires (hence the channel expires) under certain conditions.


    Founders can apply for leave for up to 60 days, protecting the channel from takeovers (but not from expiry due to channel access list inactivity). Leave for over 60 days will be approved on a case by case basis.

    Claim rules

    If the channel founder has not identified to any of their nicks for:

    over 30 days: the successor, if any, can takeover the channel;

    over 45 days: anyone with (depending on the channel ACCESSTYPE)
    • the channel password,
    • in ACCESS: access level equivalent to AUTOOP or higher;
    • in xOP: AOP or SOP;
    • in FLAGS: having "o" or "O" flag or higher.
    can claim the channel, as long as the successor: (a) passes up the foundership; (b) isn't reachable (i.e. not responding to memo/pm from network staff within the 3 days as described below); or, (c) has not identified to any of their nicks for >45 days.

    After the claim, there will be a 3-day period. During this period, if
    • the founder identifies to any of their nicks: the channel will remain theirs;
    • there are no more claimers: the channel will be given to the original claimer;
    • there are more claimers: it will be given to the highest access claimer;
    • there are more claimers with the same access: they will have an additional 2-day period to work out who should get the channel. If no agreement is reached, no action will be taken, and the channel will no longer allowed to be claimed under the same founder.

    Claim procedure

    1. Join #services to make the claim, if eligible. Making false claims will result in being banned from the channel or even the network. If you have any question about this policy, join #help and we will answer your questions there;
    2. If you are the successor and fulfill the conditions described above, you will be given the foundership on the spot;
    3. If you are an operator and fulfill the conditions described above, we will make a record of your claim. After 3 days, you will be either given the foundership or notified for further actions. If neither of those happens, you can assume that your claim failed unless the founder has still not appeared and has not been changed to someone else, in which case you can check your claim status in #services.

    1. Network channels (e.g. #Rizon, #VIzon, #chat) and staff channels cannot be claimed so do not bother to attempt for it;
    2. Network staff reserves the right to reject any claim;
    3. Once the channel is claimed, ex-founder will not be able to get it back without following this policy.
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