I have gotten used to using Pidgin for chatting services, but I have realized it sucks for receiving files because unlike mIRC it can't resume partially completed ones. So if I time out, all the work into creating a partial file is lost and you have to overwrite it. This takes longer time and wastes the resources of users and bots.

So what I was thinking was running mIRC again only for downloading and remaining using Pidgin for chatting. I figure to use slightly different user names (otherwise would say 'X is already logged in) with one to indicate it is for XDCC and the other just normal.

Is there a way to do that or does Rizon forbid it? I'm not really familiar. One problem too is say you are on a waiting list for a bot and a popup asks you if you want to download something. If you are in the middle of chatting in a room and press Enter to send a message, you might accidentally cancel or start a transfer because that automatically pops up and stuff. So if it was a separate program that wouldn't happen too.