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    FastWeb users:

    If you are getting the error:
    *** Banned [netsec] Akill limit exceeded - Visit (2008/6/10 10.14)

    or any other ban message.

    This is because your connection shares a single IP. Some computers using this IP have trojans and viruses and we have had to block it.

    1) Sign up for a Rizon BNC, see

    2) Sponsor a Fastweb server!

    We previously had someone who had purchased a dedicated IP from Fastweb. With that they were able to act as a bridge (IRCd) for fastweb users onto Rizon. If you would possibly be able to provide such service, contact mink at via email.

    Banned Temporary K-line 7200 min. - [netsec] drone/floodbot pattern

    Due to the way fastwebnet set up it's network (a limited amount of public IPs, internal IPs created through the use of MANs), there is nothing much that can be done about this. If a person on the same MAN as you (and thus has the same public IP) is infected, he'll get banned, thus making everyone sharing the same IP being banned. Solutions can be found above.
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