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Thread: Attn: admins Comments & questions about user privacy, free speech and Tor

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    Question Attn: admins Comments & questions about user privacy, free speech and Tor

    I've been using Rizon as my primary IRC network for years now, but it only recently came to my attention that some matters related to privacy are unclear within the official documentation available, at least to the best of my knowledge.

    On your home page is written "Rizon takes free speech very seriously and avoids any censorship." I wonder what this assertion means in more concrete and precise terms. Is anything being done to protect user privacy (privacy and anonymity being necessary foundations for free speech)? Are conversations and/or IPs logged?

    Furthermore, banning Tor from the network doesn't seem to be something one would expect from a network which takes security, anonymity and free speech seriously. I am aware of the fact that such anonymization systems are frequently abused, but networks like Freenode have successfully implemented simple ways to avoid the worst cases, notably by letting channel operators choose whether or not to ban Tor users, which would appear to suit Rizon's philosophy better than a blanket ban.

    I like Rizon's vibe and would wish to keep on using it as my main IRC network, but using it for anything like serious purposes (e.g. coordinating political activism) seems unwise given uncertainty on the matters mentioned above.
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