E-Sim Secura is a simulation of modern world.
You can become a virtual citizen of one of 46 virtual countries and participate in it's political, military and economical life.
Your citizen can become an ordinary soldier, company owner or run for presidential seat and become the leader of the whole country!
You can focus on your own career or help your country in wars and battles. You can organize your own private army or invest in your business - it's all your choice!

Become a soldier, company owner or president of the entire country!
Economy run entirely by players
Balanced map with 46 countries and 276 territories
Run for a congress or presidential office
Participate in wars and battles
Become a part of your country community
Trade products or currencies with other players
Sign contracts, lend, borrow money to other players
Compete with other players in and gain achievements
Earn money by working, fighting or managing companies
Team up with your friends and create a military unit
Become a newspaper redactor and gain subscribers


You can receive bonus 2.00 Gold (its a LOT!) when you reach level if you enter name of the player who invited you to the game: