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Thread: Identify command slight modification for certain clients support

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    Default Identify command slight modification for certain clients support


    I've been using Rizon's IRC for a while now but there is one thing that is annoying and can be easily fixed. Of course I could write an addon for my IRC client (pidgin) or use another client but I believe the fix would help other people and other clients. Simply put: some clients for logging in send /msg NickServ identify <username> <password> but Rizon does not support this format--it wants /msg NickServ identify <password>. Because of this I have to type it manually with pidgin and with AndChat (a popular Android irc client) as well. They both verify credentials just fine in freenode (because freenode's syntax is as such).

    I hope this small fix can be applied to Rizon's network relieving many from a similar situation.

    Thank you

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    Hi. The reason for this is that on Rizon you can't identify to a nick/user aside from the one which you are on. Providing a syntax which lets you specify the username would be very confusing, since our systems would need to ignore that username.

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