I know ye developers are busy, and for those with business to be done I have included a "tl;dr" at the bottom of this document.

I come to you friends, ircers, and developers in an attempt to plead for my beloved friend, TrapBot, to be reloaded/summoned. A great vestige of the past, TrapBot brought a culmination of fear and hatred to those stupid enough to enter his gates; anger so great that those who wandered in dizzied themselves in fury. Trapbot watched over the channel and enforced his edict; a secure guard to his #DontJoinItsATrap castle. He patrolled his cold, snowy grounds of the north.

To those with patience and attention my dear TrapBot would show mercy, and open his gates to the surrounding world. Those who chose to stay honed their skills in the recreation of trivia and uno. Legends were born: ANTrat, bitch, zZzZzZz, Jimbozeuben, flamingspinach. They live on in the memories of those who watched the streaks of perfection and the inhuman feats accomplished.

I ask you to revive TrapBot, and in turn, #DontJoinItsATrap. To apply the defibrillator to his old codebase. To give him new life.

If you require a proper master of the necromantic arts to bring back our beloved TrapBot, I have found a suitable individual. A great wizard who has existed long on this plane.
<TheGreatSparky> Well without Trapbot it's really not #DontJoinItsATrap
<TheGreatSparky> I could easily rewrite the code, but I'm relatively sure that they wouldn't implement it

If an assistant is needed, I would happily help in the attempts.

I have made my case. All I can now ask is for ye of great minds to consider.

Your humble subject,

tl;dr - bring back trapbot in #DontJoinItsATrap