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Thread: Did somebody call for a... Doqtor?

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    Talking Did somebody call for a... Doqtor?

    Hey guys, I am Doqtor Kirby. I play Smash Bros. professionally as well as operate other things... like IRC channels, perhaps?
    Other than Smash Bros., I play the Kirby series of games, Unreal Tournament I and III, Electronic Super Joy, Super Hexagon, among other miscellaneous games. I run three different servers on my network, codenamed Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup; Blossom and Bubbles are HTTP servers, while Buttercup is an FTP server. You can find those below alongside my main website. I feel like I'm boring you now, so... hey!

    Actually I forgot something...
    I found the Rizon network in mid-2012 and was instantly hooked. I have seen no other server like it, and there will never be a server like it. You guys are too good.
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    Heya doqk! Welcome to Rizon, glad to have you here.

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    ello, welcome to Rizon

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