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Thread: Trivia Bot Correction

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    Default Trivia Bot Correction

    There's some corrections that needs to be done on the trivial bot, bugs in the code, some merely typos, others with outdated info (Current US president is not Clinton, for example), and others missing the rest of the answer, case in point, What was the nickname given to marshall rommel of the german panzers?

    The bot will accept desert as the correct answer, even though it's actually Desert Fox

    One of the bug in the code is that it'll accept a string as an answer, as long as the correct answer is in the string somewhere.

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    <Trivia> 11. Religion : To which city did the Lord tell Jonah to go and denounce its citizens wickedness?
    <Silverheart> jerusalem
    <Ratburntro44> umm
    <Trivia> Hint: he tried to flee ** ***** ******* *** *** ********* ** *** ************
    <Ratburntro44> wtf
    <Different55> what the crap
    <Silverheart> nope
    <MrClassico> oh for ****'s sake
    <Silverheart> nope
    <Vladi> no way :D
    <Ratburntro44> that's not a city
    <Silverheart> nope
    <Trivia> Hint: he tried to flee to spain in***** *** *** ********* ** *** ************
    <Ratburntro44> stfu trivia
    <Ratburntro44> no
    <Ratburntro44> you're stupid
    <Vladi> .next
    <MrClassico> can't skip
    <Different55> he tried to flee to spain invading the wat slapstick in the patriarchy
    <Trivia> Hint: he tried to flee to spain in***** *** *** ********* ** *** *****nineveh
    <Different55> he tried to flee to spain instead 
    <Ratburntro44> trivia you're an idiot
    <Trivia> Time's up! The answer was: he tried to flee to spain instead and was swallowed by the whalenineveh
    I'm not sure if this actually needs to be corrected because this was hilarious.

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