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Thread: New BotServ Bot names

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    Lightbulb New BotServ Bot names

    We will be accepting suggestions for new BotServ Bot names to add to the current list. Rizon is used by a lot of people who enjoy anime and/or manga, but our current roster of bot names does not reflect this very well.

    Suggestions that will be considered must contain the following:
    • Bot names must be anime and/or manga related.
    • The format for a name of the bot is "nick!user@host realname" (example: TheKey! Rizon Services Bot)
    • Bot names must not be already registered.

    A few notes:
    • Nicknames which are the same as a suggestion here registered after the name has been suggested may be dropped to be used by a Bot.
    • Keep in mind that not all names will be picked.

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    Username: Multi
    vHost: HMX-12@dorryayyyaaaaaaaa.sooorryyayyaaaaaaa.kyooyoyraaaaaaaaaaa

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