Hey gaiz, Doqtor Kirby again. This time just to post about the #supersmashflash channel. We recently moved here from Mibbit after a suggestion (from myself) that we do. Our focus is the Super Smash Flash series of fangames, but generally anything can be conversed about. It's a good place to find online games with the recent advent of SSF2's online mode.

Few rules you'll want to remember
- Don't spam text. (not too enforced)
- No excessive trolling/flaming. (Excessive personal insults will result in a warning.)
- Don't spam image/youtube links.
- No racism/ethnic slurs.
- No pornography. (Images, videos etc.)
- No gore. (Images, videos etc.)
- Don't abuse the bots. (Spamming bot commands/general misuse will result in a warning.) [Our bots include Rizon's Internets and Quotes bots, as well as our own progducto.]
- Don't impersonate moderators/other people.
- Be nice. :]

And our team, in case you need to get in contact with one of us:
> Jammy :: Founder (+q)
> Doqtor Kirby [doqk] :: Technical Director (+a)
Moderators/Maintainers (+o)
> Miracle--7

That being said, on behalf of the Smash Flash 2 community, welcome to the channel.