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Thread: List online users on channel with main nick.

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    Default List online users on channel with main nick.

    I'm writing small bot for couple of channels. Bot are working on two servers in the same time, QuakeNet and Rizon. I need to identify users by auth/register nick, and here is a problem. I do it when bot is start running, and save all auths to datebase. Later i do only updates.
    In QuakeNet there is really nice command: /msg Q users #channel
    and i have in one response all users in channel with actual nick, auth, flags and host, like this: (this command shows only online users)
    [12:21:22] [Uwaga] -Q- Users currently on #channel:
    [12:21:22] [Uwaga] -Q- Nick            Username        Flags        Host
    [12:21:22] [Uwaga] -Q- @Q               It's me!                     (
    [12:21:22] [Uwaga] -Q- @krzmig          krzmig          +jkmno       (
    In rizon i didn't found anything similar to this, it's only command "why" to chanserv, but it can be use only for one person in one time.

    Can you do something similar, for all online users in channel? Will be really nice.

    Regards o/

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    Well you can use /who #channel to get all users in #channel

    [22:11] #ghey ChanStat * ChanStat Hr@ :0 ChanStat channel logging bot
    [22:11] #ghey ~yolo yolo.yolo * yolo Hr& :0 /invite #chan yolo
    [22:11] #ghey UNOBot * UNOBot Hr@ :0 Official Rizon UNOBot
    [22:11] #ghey esim * e-Sim Hr*% :0 eSim
    [22:11] #ghey erepublik * eRepublik Hr*% :0 eRepublik
    [22:11] #ghey internets * Internets Hr*% :0 Network Services Bot
    [22:11] #ghey trivia * Trivia Hr*% :0 Trivia
    [22:11] #ghey quotes * Quotes Hr*% :0 Quotes
    [22:11] #ghey me your.window * |f`-`|f H& :0 stalking is just another way of saying I <3 U
    [22:11] #ghey m * MAGIC Hr~ :0 2Nice /whois
    [22:11] #ghey :End of /WHO list.
    The first field is the current channel, ident, host, nickname. Status indicates if a user is “H”ere or “G”one, if IRCop (“*”), idnetified ("r"), and/or have voice ("+"), halfop ("%"), op ("@"), protected ("&"), or owner ("~"). Last bit is the realname

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    Getting all users in channel is not a problem. I want to get nick and nick which is registered. You can connect with nick "magic", login into, and then change nick to "magicafk". If i start bot after you change nick, i want to know that "magicafk" registered nick is "magic". Like with command to chanserv - why:
    krzmig|afk has VOP access to #channel. Reason: Identification to XOP list nickname. Main nick: krzmig

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    Nice script, krzmig!
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