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Thread: Age of Citizens - Browser strategy game

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    Default Age of Citizens - Browser strategy game

    AgeOfCitizens is a massive online multiplayer strategy game. You can register as a citizen of your country and help it grow economically, politically and extend its borders.

    Game is clearly a browser game, no add-on needed to play.

    Main Features:
    - Construct your companies and produce goods necessary for you and your co-citizens.
    - Fight against other citizens on the battlefield. Be careful, they are real citizens defending themselves!
    - Become a politician and choose your country's future in cooperation with the other political members.
    - Make friends and all together help your country conquer the AgeOfCitizens world!

    You can join the game at: Age Of Citizens

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    Four months since game launch have passed and there are many improvements and many more to come. I am dropping this message as today is an ideal date to join the game. Elections take place and the country governments will be created for the rest of the month.

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