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Thread: Too many users are being banned [IMPORTANT]

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    Exclamation Too many users are being banned [IMPORTANT]

    #Chat is supossed to be a fun place, but it's not when users, including me, are constantly getting banned! There needs to be a policy moderating bans. It seems like the ops, notably Ziginox, Seth, and Sachiko ban users as they want to. This isn't right, and if chat is going to be fun, this problem needs to stop.

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    There are rules.
    They are enforced by the channel owner/founder and the channel moderators that the channel owner/founder selects.

    If you have problems with how a channel is moderated, take it up with the channel owner/founder.

    type, /cs info #chat, read the founder line, type,

    /msg (owner/founder nick) hi I have an issue.
    /msg memoserv (owner/founder nick) hi I have an issue.
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    We are trying to keep #chat a nice and fun chatting environment for all kinds of users. Unfortunately, some user's behavior is not conducive to this desired environment and will be banned as the channel operators see fit.

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