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Thread: OperServ

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    Default OperServ


    Upon doing some online research, it has come to my attention that the OperServ bot is an issue. According to most sources, this bot allows IRCops to potentially interfere with regular channel operations, including jumping bans, +i mode, and channel keys. I believe that it can even allow IRCops to "take over" a channel by usurping +q mode and other founder permissions. Yikes! Therefore, I propose that Rizon do one of the following:

    A). Disable OperServ entirely

    B). Restrict OperServ commands to only global issues and global channels (autokill lists, config for channels like #help or #services)

    C.) Leave OperServ the way it is, but allow regular users to perform /msg operserv help and /os help - this will not allow non-IRCops to actually use the bot, but it will allow all users to see what commands IRCops technically can use, either in their favor or against them.

    D). Document a list of OperServ commands that IRCops of various levels can use at the Rizon Wiki. There is already plenty of documentation for ChanServ, NickServ, etc.

    Thank you,

    Find me at #dailychat
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