Some of the questions in the trivia sets, (specifically Stargate and LOTR-Movies), have an issue where it is displaying "?" instead of certain letters in the answer, and occasionally the question.

<Trivia> 27. What Middle-earth miniature was built to a 1/76th scale?
<Trivia> Hint: Ba***-*?*
<Dracus> barad-dur
<Trivia> Winner: Dracus; Answer: Barad-d?r; Time: 13.453s; Streak: 1; Points: 3; Total: 95
There is another problem with some of the scramble questions of the Stargate set where it does not display the question fully, only the "Scramble?" portion.

<Trivia> 26. Scramble?
<Trivia> Hint: The ***'** **** *
<Trivia> Hint: The Tok'** **** *
<Trivia> Hint: The Tok'** ***t 2
<Alsa> the tok'ra part 2
<Trivia> Winner: Alsa; Answer: The Tok'ra Part 2; Time: 56.981s; Streak: 1; Points: 1; Total: 46
PS: Is there anyone currently doing any edits to the trivia questions currently? Id like to offer some help in correcting some of these trivia errors, if possible. :\