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Thread: Hi! I'm Christi! I'm the new girl!!

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    Default Hi! I'm Christi! I'm the new girl!!

    Hello, everyone! I'm the new girl here at Rizon! My name is Christi and my nick is Christi. I am from the great state of Louisiana. I can be found on several different networks. I started using IRC around 2015 from a good friend of mine who has been a long time user. I got addicted to it. I am a quick learner and have taught my self-several different things since becoming a part of the IRC community. I do have a lot of free time on my hands so I am able to learn things like coding and learning how bots operate. I do like cooking new recipes from scratch. I have my own recipe website called I am learning Lebanese Arabic. I love Lebanese people and their way of life.

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    Glad to have you on Rizon Christi

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