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Thread: Rizon Christmas Event 2018

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    Default Rizon Christmas Event 2018

    We will be hosting a Christmas Event again from December 21st to January 1st by giving out colored vHosts to registered nicks. To participate in the event:

    1. Register your nick (/msg NickServ help register);
    2. Identify to the registered nick;
    3. Join #xmas and enjoy!

    Besides just the regular colored vhosts you will have a chance of winning a special colored vhost by staying in the channel. A random user will be drawn every 15 minutes and that user will get a special version of colored vhost of the day, i.e. underlined (50% chance), bold (40% chance) or both (10% chance).

    If for some reason you want to take off the colored vhost, you can do one of the following:

    • If you have a vHost assigned to your nick, activate your vhost (i.e. "/msg HostServ on")
    • "/mode your_nick -x" (then "/mode your_nick +x" if you want to remask your host)
    • Reconnect to the network without rejoining #xmas

    A few things to note:

    • Colored vhosts are temporary and will be gone once you take it off or disconnect from the network. Simply rejoin #xmas during the event to regain it.
    • We will give out predefined colored vHosts only which will rotate daily. Do NOT ask for a custom one.
    • Do NOT abuse the system or you will be banned from the network for 7 days.

    For channel operators
    If someone is abusing color vhosts in your channel, join #services and we will assist you there. All colored vhosts of a certain day will follow the same pattern so you can also choose to forbid it in your channel altogether, for example:


    You can place the following ban accordingly:

    /mode #channel +b *!*@**

    Have fun, enjoy the event, and Merry Christmas!
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    Thank you all for participating in this year's event! Rizon staff wishes you all the best in the upcoming year.

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