As an user, or client, I kindly suggest more transparency from Rizon staff. The provided reasoning about why something happens is mind-boggling sometimes. In my humble opinion, Rizon staff sometimes fails to provide accurate responses on customer requests, leaving room for possible racism, inequality, and subjective interpretation. Here is a log from #services channel:

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Thu Apr 15 08:42:22 2021

Apr 15 08:42:22 * Now talking on #services
Apr 15 08:42:22 * Topic for #services is: Rizon Chat Network - Staff Help | If you don't ask your question, you will eventually be auto-banned. We aren't here 24/7, but as long as you ask, someone will answer soon. | Abused/banned? http://s.rizon.net/abuse | IRC Help: /hop #help | Service admins are @, service opers are %.
Apr 15 08:42:22 * Topic for #services set by Dwarf (Wed Jan 15 08:32:40 2020)
Apr 15 08:42:22 -Security- [#services] Ask your question and it will be answered by the first available IRC operator. Do not bother asking if anyone is "here" because that is a waste of time.
Apr 15 08:43:20 <}> Hi. Op is lost on channel #/v/ - May I request it?
Apr 15 08:54:39 <Dwarf> }: It seems that the person who set the topic is still in the channel. As such, it would make more sense to return ops status to them
Apr 15 08:55:08 <}> And what happened to first come first serve basis?
Apr 15 08:56:35 <Dwarf> It's a bit more nuanced than just first come first serve
Apr 15 08:56:56 <}> And look at the topic how long ago it was set. Really???
Apr 15 08:57:39 <}> I hereby request op on channel #/v/ on the grounds that person who put the topic did not care about their account and channel.
Apr 15 08:58:15 <}> Maybe now my request is also nuanced.
Apr 15 09:17:16 <}> May I kindly request op on channel #/v/ ?
Apr 15 09:17:43 <Dwarf> }: Your claim has been logged. Please return in 72 hours to complete it
Apr 15 09:18:21 <}> Please advise where is the rule of 72 hours. Please provide a link to it.
Apr 15 09:18:48 <Dwarf> Requests are handled on a case-by-case basis
Apr 15 09:19:05 <}> Sure. I can wait. I am first in line here.
Apr 15 09:20:10 <}> So I am waiting on the argument for 72 hours wait time.
Apr 15 09:23:02 <Dwarf> You're free to wait, but not in this channel
Apr 15 09:23:42 <Gemini> The 72 hours is what Dwarf deemed suitable to give the other person a chance to respond.
Apr 15 09:24:33 <Gemini> Might I also advise you that we are no obligation to honor any claims of this natire, it's just a convenience we offer. Complaining will make it less likely that we will help you.
Apr 15 09:25:02 <}> OK. I did not know about this rule with Rizon. So if a channel is dropped (because the owner is registered in 2006 and obviously dropped the channel), the founder still has a chance to get it back, because the staff here has a 72 wait time upon the next request.
Apr 15 09:25:25 <}> May I know where is this stated? I can't find this information anywhere.
Apr 15 09:25:56 <Gemini> There is no policy for op requests, it's a case-by-case situation, as has already been stated.
Apr 15 09:26:39 <}> I understand asking for support is a privilege, not a right. But I also like to think that clients are treated equally.
Apr 15 09:27:30 <}> For some reason, without an argument, I fail to see this equal treatment. Please provide a link to the 72 hour rule or "case-by-case" argument.
Apr 15 09:28:18 * Security sets ban on *!*@0.0
Apr 15 09:28:18 * You have been kicked from #services by Security (Consider your claim dismissed. (Gemini))
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Thu Apr 15 09:28:18 2021
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