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Thread: Request for transparency and professionalism.

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    As an user, or client, I kindly suggest more transparency from Rizon staff. The provided reasoning about why something happens is mind-boggling sometimes. In my humble opinion, Rizon staff sometimes fails to provide accurate responses on customer requests, leaving room for possible racism, inequality, and subjective interpretation. Here is a log from #services channel:

    **** BEGIN LOGGING AT Thu Apr 15 08:42:22 2021

    Apr 15 08:42:22 * Now talking on #services
    Apr 15 08:42:22 * Topic for #services is: Rizon Chat Network - Staff Help | If you don't ask your question, you will eventually be auto-banned. We aren't here 24/7, but as long as you ask, someone will answer soon. | Abused/banned? | IRC Help: /hop #help | Service admins are @, service opers are %.
    Apr 15 08:42:22 * Topic for #services set by Dwarf (Wed Jan 15 08:32:40 2020)
    Apr 15 08:42:22 -Security- [#services] Ask your question and it will be answered by the first available IRC operator. Do not bother asking if anyone is "here" because that is a waste of time.
    Apr 15 08:43:20 <}> Hi. Op is lost on channel #/v/ - May I request it?
    Apr 15 08:54:39 <Dwarf> }: It seems that the person who set the topic is still in the channel. As such, it would make more sense to return ops status to them
    Apr 15 08:55:08 <}> And what happened to first come first serve basis?
    Apr 15 08:56:35 <Dwarf> It's a bit more nuanced than just first come first serve
    Apr 15 08:56:56 <}> And look at the topic how long ago it was set. Really???
    Apr 15 08:57:39 <}> I hereby request op on channel #/v/ on the grounds that person who put the topic did not care about their account and channel.
    Apr 15 08:58:15 <}> Maybe now my request is also nuanced.
    Apr 15 09:17:16 <}> May I kindly request op on channel #/v/ ?
    Apr 15 09:17:43 <Dwarf> }: Your claim has been logged. Please return in 72 hours to complete it
    Apr 15 09:18:21 <}> Please advise where is the rule of 72 hours. Please provide a link to it.
    Apr 15 09:18:48 <Dwarf> Requests are handled on a case-by-case basis
    Apr 15 09:19:05 <}> Sure. I can wait. I am first in line here.
    Apr 15 09:20:10 <}> So I am waiting on the argument for 72 hours wait time.
    Apr 15 09:23:02 <Dwarf> You're free to wait, but not in this channel
    Apr 15 09:23:42 <Gemini> The 72 hours is what Dwarf deemed suitable to give the other person a chance to respond.
    Apr 15 09:24:33 <Gemini> Might I also advise you that we are no obligation to honor any claims of this natire, it's just a convenience we offer. Complaining will make it less likely that we will help you.
    Apr 15 09:25:02 <}> OK. I did not know about this rule with Rizon. So if a channel is dropped (because the owner is registered in 2006 and obviously dropped the channel), the founder still has a chance to get it back, because the staff here has a 72 wait time upon the next request.
    Apr 15 09:25:25 <}> May I know where is this stated? I can't find this information anywhere.
    Apr 15 09:25:56 <Gemini> There is no policy for op requests, it's a case-by-case situation, as has already been stated.
    Apr 15 09:26:39 <}> I understand asking for support is a privilege, not a right. But I also like to think that clients are treated equally.
    Apr 15 09:27:30 <}> For some reason, without an argument, I fail to see this equal treatment. Please provide a link to the 72 hour rule or "case-by-case" argument.
    Apr 15 09:28:18 * Security sets ban on *!*@0.0
    Apr 15 09:28:18 * You have been kicked from #services by Security (Consider your claim dismissed. (Gemini))
    **** ENDING LOGGING AT Thu Apr 15 09:28:18 2021
    Kind regards,

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    Rizon is a not-for-profit service. We do not have "customers", and all of our staff are volunteers who donate fairly expensive servers as well as their time. We try to make the network as enjoyable a place as possible for users, but unfortunately, not everyone can be satisfied.

    Reviewing your log, it seems completely reasonable to me. Given that I am the third senior staff member to reach the same conclusion, it's possible that your mental model regarding what constitutes reasonable support is not aligned with that of the operating staff. You could consider using a different network that is more in alignment with your beliefs (if one exists). That is not intended to be passive aggressive -- just an earnest suggestion.
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