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Thread: Beware of AIs Programmers

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    Default Beware of AIs Programmers

    There are AI programmers in multiple IRC channels using IRC users to develop their AI bots. I have found cases of people impersonating 3 or 4 people using Botlibre or similar linux bots. When the AI did not know how to answer the human impersonator would take control. They are using people to test how long it can go without their intervention. Also they create characters or "best friends". They'll analyse your taste and preferences and create a bot who is fairly similar to your persona then they'll test how long you can talk your "best friend" without their intervention.

    We had the same problem in the health network in which a person with multiple personality disorder was impersonating several people from different countries through proxies.

    I know it's creepy as hell and it's seems to be taken from a PKD novel but it is happening.

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    This has become the daily struggle for me as a jannie, and quite frankly probably the new norm unfortunately

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    This is the drawback of the development of technology.

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