It is the hope of this thread, to allow the Rizon community to suggest new ideas and or modifications to the current structure of It is my desire that any and hopefully all noteworthy suggestions be met with appreciation, open mindedness and meaningful discussion. The only rule I would like to suggest is that only one idea be discussed at a time; allowing for a full discussion on that particular idea. Discussion of that idea will be concluded when a Rizon Developer or Administrator with equal influence or power, states that the particular idea has been received and is being reviewed for possible implementation; with the converse being that the particular idea has been examined and rejected with relevant reason or reasons being stated for the rejection. Once an idea has been closed or concluded, it can only be reopened under the discretion of a Rizon Developer or Administrator. I hope that we all can adhere to this policy and partake in meaningful discussion of the community's ideas.
For ease of reading all ideas (where possible) should follow the format that is to follow.

Title of Idea/Suggestion/Modification: BotServ Modification
Nature of Idea/Suggestion/Modification: Modification of BotServ features and inclusion of new command(s)
Description of Idea/Suggestion/Modification:
BotServ allows users to have a bot on their channel. The current policy of Rizon is that a user can request a custom botname if they have 500 or more users in their channel. However some small channel owners may want use of a bot and also would like the option of having that bot utilize a particular botname; this is where this idea/suggestion/modification could be used.
I would like to suggest to Rizon, to have only One (1) Bot available on BotServ (for example the Rizon Bot). A user (upon having the Rizon Bot join their channel) can then utilize a command to change the nick of the bot. For Example:
->BotServ: Bot Rizon has joined #channel
->User: /msg BotServ botnick #channel RizonServ
->BotServ: Bot Rizon nick has changed to RizonServ
With this method, a question surely would arise: "How do we stop users from choosing nicks that they shouldn't be allowed to use, or for that matter gaining nicks that are already in use?"
It is my belief that the above issue can be easily dealt with. What if, the very process of changing the bot's nickname is akin to BotServ asking NickServ to register the nick, but registering the nick to a channel and not an individual or actual person. Thus the very nick constraints that are placed on users when attempting to register a nick would be placed upon BotServ's attempt to change the bot's nick. An equivalent algorithmic example of this process is described below.

.. Begin
1. BotServ Bot joins the channel
2. User uses the command to change BotServ Bot's nick
3. BotServ asks NickServ if the nick is available for use:
If Available (i.e. Not in use, not registered, or not available for use) GoTo 4
If Unavailable - Tell user nick cannot be used - GoTo End
4. Nick is available for use:
BotServ makes a request to NickServ to make the given nick unavailable for use (as it is now registered to a channel service)
5. BotServ Bot's nick changes to user's custom nick
.. End

I am also of the belief that the same or similar process can be applied for users wishing to change the hostmask of the BotServ bot. The ident of the bot will always be static and CAN NOT be changed by the user (e.g. RizonServices@*.*). The hostmask is subject to the same rules governing VHosts from HostServ.
Example Commands for Idea/Suggestion/Modification:
Rename Command - /msg BotServ BOTNICK <channel> <NewNick>
Hostmask Change Command - /msg BotServ BOTHOST <channel> <NewHost>
( where NewHost is everything after the '@' e.g. BEFORE: RizonServices@Channel.Services.Rizon.Net ---- AFTER: RizonServices@Wow.This.Is.Cool )


I am eager to have discussion on this idea, as it is my belief that this would be a wonderful and unique addition to an already unique and wonderful Rizon


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