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    Default IRCDS Application

    What is IRCDS?

    IRCDS is just another homebrew IRC client for the Nintendo DS. This application is created by davido2. It also supports custom skins.

    Where can I download IRCDS?

    Download it at davido2's website. Direct download link.

    How can I connect to Rizon while using IRCDS?

    Click on the wrench icon, then change the Server address to

    How can I create an auto-perform list?

    As far as I know, it's not possible to create an autoperform list.

    How can I edit the current skin?

    You can find a sample skin in ircds.ini. Use HTML color codes (like: bottom_bg = #FF50B0) to edit it.


    -Start: (re)connect
    -Select: disconnect
    -B: parts from a channel
    -L,R: gives your previous message back
    -X,Y: changes the backlight
    -Left,right,up,down - scrolls the upper screen
    -START+SELECT (at logo screen) - disables FAT support

    For more information about the services and other IRC FAQs look here.

    If you have got any further questions, please send an email to nds[at]
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