His name is Joseph Houston. He's 29 years old and is a cop with the town of Brewster in Massachusetts.

The story...he's off-duty, goes to a Metallica concert, gets drunk,
urinates on another fan at the show, and is kicked out of the concert.
Mr. Houston reportedly refused to leave the premises after being
bounced, flashed his badge attempting reentry, and called a Hispanic
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police officer, "Obama."

In addition to pissing on the fan in the seats in front of him, he
added insult to injury by lunging several times at the victim's sister
and harassing other women that were part of the group.

Congratulations Joseph...you managed to anger just about everybody you
came into contact with at the Metallica show. And now you've got a
court date to attend and a job you're about to lose.

Which song do you think was being played when Officer Houston decided to piss on the guy in front on him?

A. "Some Kind Of Monster"
B. "Bad Seed"
C. "The Shortest Straw"
D. A cover of "Open The Gates" by Pissing Razors

Source: Grant Random's Blog