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    Many of you have already began to notice that we have been gathering some statistics on Rizon and posting them to a new site. To begin with this is in the early stages and we already have a large to do list involving this site, but we have had several questions so I would like to go ahead and clear many of these.

    1. We are currently running 2 separate statistics programs that serve two different purposes. The first is a set of global statistics that give different general information about the network, channels, users, etc. These stats can be viewed at:

    Recently asked questions

    How often do the stats update?
    The stats are live and update instantly as long as we have them on. We have restarted them quite often as we work out any issues and add more features.

    Does the bot generate stats if it is not in a room?
    The bot will calculate all of the joins/parts of a room whether the bot is in the room or not. Being in the room the bot will generate the statistics of chat in the room where as if it is not in the room that information is not generated.

    How do the stats handle +s rooms?
    If the bot is in the room it will generate the same stats but they are not posted to the site in public view. A user has to know the room name to view these stats. This is the same as if the user is on Rizon. They must know the channel name to get into it and see the information inside of the room.

    If the bot was banned from a room would it stop generating the stats?

    We have had a few questions about privacy.
    To begin the only information that is shown that is not public information available for anyone is what country the user is connecting from. While we have discussed this matter and may do so more later on as it stands if a user has a true issue with showing what country they are connecting to Rizon from they should consider buying a bnc. This involves a great deal of paranoia or just the user lying to others about what country they are connecting from and this for any average user should never be an issue. Some have complained about the fact that it shows hostmasks, channels users are in, client versions users are using. To all of this Rizon staff would like to remind you this is all public information in which any user can whois you and obtain the exact same information. Posting this information on the website is no different than a user whoising you.

    Who all is monitored?
    Currently only registered nicks are kept statistics on, but this could change.

    How do I add or remove my room from being monitored?
    As it stands only about 150 rooms that were manually added are being monitored. We plan to later on add a feature to allow a channel founder to add or remove their room from the monitored list. For now if you wish to have your room added/removed from the list send a memo to Nessun from the nick of the founder of the room telling me which room to add or remove. This will not be done unless it is sent from the founder of the rooms account.

    Does this service log rooms?
    No. The stats are generated live so we do not log. We do allow users to have their privacy and we feel logging information is a breech of privacy.

    As I have stated multiple times this service is still being worked on as we have been making a lot of changes to make the service work with a network of our size. The service is far from done but we have made a lot of progress on them and they appear to be nearly fully operational we are just making changes to improve the resources in which the services require. Once we finish with that we hope to add some more features to it. One thing I will tell that is on the to do list is the ability for users to add an avatar to their statistics information.

    2. The other set of statistics we are generating are on a per channel request only. These are more specific channel details. The information simply shows how much users talk, random quotes, topic changes, kicks, and some other similar things. Examples of these can be found at:

    (For Rizon's #help room)

    (#Chat on Rizon)

    So far this set of statistics seems to be working without any issues but if you discover a problem with it please report it in this post.

    These statistics are generated every 24 hrs at midnight PMT. We could change that later on but we wish to see how many rooms intend to use this service and every 24 hrs seems like a reasonable amount of time.

    To have these stats added to your room type:

    /msg funserv request stats #channel

    This command must be used by the founder.

    To remove these stats from your room simply type:

    /msg funserv remove stats #channel

    If you have any other questions on these new features please post them here as many of them will not be discussed in #Help as our staff is still learning the procedures of these features. Thank you for your time and input on this and hopefully this will become a new service in which Rizon users enjoy and can use for their own benefit.
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