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    We have been working on a new project of possibly implementing some games for our users to play.

    Our first setup is in beta testing right now and can be seen in the room #TestTrivia . The bots name is Trivia and as you guessed it asks trivia questions and keeps score of users answers. This bot has the capability of being added to any room in which the founder requests it. We are currently working on allowing rooms to upload their own list of questions for their room to use. This will allow us to have many different themes of questions for rooms to choose from. We hope to add more features to it soon. Any suggestions or requests should go here.

    We are also discussing adding some other games but as it stands they are in discussion and no games have been decided yet. The games will all be simple small games that our users can play with one another and that can be put in any room that wishes to have it.

    Trivia is now released to the public. Any room that would like to use our trivia system may do so by typing the following command:

    /msg FunServ request trivia #channelname

    This command must be typed by the founder of the room. To remove the trivia bot from the room type:

    /msg FunServ remove trivia #channelname

    again this must be typed by the founder of the room.

    A list of available trivia commands once assigned to a room are below:

    @Nessun .help trivia
    Trivia: .trivia [number] - to start playing.
    Trivia: .strivia - to stop current round.
    Trivia: .topten/.tt - lists top ten players.
    Trivia: .rank [nick] - shows yours or given nicks current rank.
    Trivia: .next - skips question.
    Trivia: .themes - lists available question themes.
    Trivia: .theme set <name> - changes current question theme (must be channel founder).

    The current question themes in which we have are:

    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: Anime, 2323 questions.
    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: default, 79015 questions.
    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: Geography, 122 questions.
    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: History, 64 questions.
    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: LOTR-Books, 800 questions.
    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: LOTR-Movies, 455 questions.
    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: Movies, 731 questions.
    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: Naruto, 918 questions.
    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: ScienceAndNature, 96 questions.
    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: Simpsons, 249 questions.
    [22:48:32] -Trivia- Theme: Stargate, 2082 questions.

    The default list is roughly 50,000 questions. We can add and will add more themes as time goes on. If you have a question list you would like to have added email it to me at with the theme of the questions. If you have anymore questions feel free to post on this forum.

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