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    Smile About Rizon FM.

    Who are we?

    Rizon FM is an online radio station formed early 2009 by some of Rizon's own moderators and users.

    The purpose of this radio is to serve our users with various content of music rather than just sticking with one genre like most other online radios do.

    With the help of a lot of users and Rizon staff we managed to create this radio. We managed to grab a sub domain off the Rizon website thanks to our own staff and we will still try to work on and update this along with all the other things.

    Where are we?

    You can find us at #Rizon.FM
    To get on IRC you need an IRC client to connect with.
    There are several options for you here. If you want to download the software you can install mIRC which is free to use.

    If you do not wish to download anything to get on IRC you can use our free chat
    inside your internet browser called Mibbit.
    Chat now!

    How can I listen?

    To listen to Rizon FM's audiotacular goodness, your media player must support streaming AAC. The media player you have probably supports it already, but below are a few that definitely support it.

    Once you have a media player that works, download our stream site and listen to it with your media player. Providing the stream is actually up, you will now be hearing the glory that is Rizon FM!

    Foobar2000 (recommended)

    Alas, media players like iTunes and Windows Media Player are unfortunately not supported.

    Quod Libet

    Any other GStreamer player will work, too. They'll also all probably be in the Ubuntu repos. How handy.

    OS X

    You won't be able to listen using iTunes while using OS X, either. I am unsure about OS X media players, so the list is rather small. If you know any other ones that support it, let me know.

    Our DJs:

    This is a list of our current radio staff.

    <Removed, dunno who is staff anymore.>

    When are we online?

    Rizon FM's uptime is a bit mysterious at times. Usually you can find us online several times each day. It is hard for me to tell you a permanent time for our radio shows as our DJs go on air pretty much anytime they would like.

    If you are unsure whether we're online or not you can come to our IRC chat. Our topic should announce whether we are online or not.

    Can I DJ for Rizon FM?

    We would love more DJs right now! To get more uptime this is exactly what we are looking for. Shortly, there will be a thread regarding DJ applications in this forum. Keep an eye open when this time comes so you can apply as a DJ if you'd like.

    Best regards, Rizon FM.
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