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    Rizon has been working on a few different features that are unique to our net and offer rooms things they generally have to run on their own and host the program on a computer that can run with good uptimes. These are things many rooms typically wish to run but can't because they don't have the know how or resources to run these programs. The newest one we have added is a Quotes bot. This allows rooms to add and read quotes that they think are funny or added to the bot for whatever reason.

    This feature is new and being tested in #chat right now. We will be testing for a couple of days just to see how well it is working and make some minor changes. So far we have 2-3 rather small things we will be changing but the feature seems to be working quite well.

    A list of the commands offered from this bot are displayed below. I will note the quote delete command is only available to the founder so users do not abuse this feature.

    [@Boredom] .help
    -Quotes- Quotes: .quote add <quote> - adds given quote to database.
    -Quotes- Quotes: .quote del <number> - removes quote number from database, must be channel founder.
    -Quotes- Quotes: .quote search <word> - searches database for given word.
    -Quotes- Quotes: .quote read <number> - messages quote matching given number.
    -Quotes- Quotes: .quote random - messages a random quote.

    To have quotes added to your room simply type:

    /msg funserv request quotes #channel

    To remove the Quotes from your room type:

    /msg funserv remove quotes #channel

    If you have any other requests you can send a memo to Nessun or post here on this forum. Thanks.
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