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    Default NEW: DJ Application thread!

    Rizon FM is currently looking for more DJs!
    Do you want to try out? Excellent.
    For this to be possible there are a few requirements needed if you want this job. Obviously, you will need a good and stable internet connection, the right software and a microphone. Rizon FM runs with IceCast2 and for that you would need the right software. But don't worry, if you are selected for DJing, we'll help you out setting this up.

    Please note:

    European living people have a higher chance to get a job at Rizon FM atm, as we need to have different timezones on the stream. For now we have mostly had Americans applicators and we need more European people! So apply if you want! :3

    When you're DJing.
    You will stream music from your own computer while being connected to the server where IceCast is installed. As mentioned earlier there are a few requirements for DJing, such as being able to talk on air occasionally to the audience. I find this very important since you're playing a show for THEM and not yourself. Being able to show that you are actually around is a must. Another requirement is that you must be in the IRC channel when you're on air. #Rizon.FM is a great community with many lovely people who would really appreciate to see you around during your shows and even when you're not on air.
    This is where you get suggestions, credits and even song requests if you want to play them. People are good at uploading songs they want you to play but playing requests is no requirement.

    What music do you play?
    There's only one answer here. Anything!
    You play whatever you want to play and what you feel comfortable with. Rizon FM is a general internet radio with no specific theme into it. As you might know though, Rizon is an IRC network stuffed with anime fans and fan subbing groups. So speaking from experience, a lot of these users love anime music. But as mentioned above you can play whatever you feel like.

    When do you DJ?
    Anytime! If you feel like go on air, go for it. We do not have any regular schedule and the radio is available for you whenever it's offline. If you are unsure whether someone is already on air, check the channel topic on IRC or you can even open the stream to see if it's running. Keep in mind that you must DJ at least ONCE a week to keep your slot.

    Where and how do you apply?
    All application goes to my PM on this forum. Do not apply in this thread. If you do that, your application will be ignored.

    This is what you need to fill in:

    Timezone and country:
    Knowing where you live will help us knowing when the radio will go online. There's no point for us to hire a bunch of DJ from the U.S and no one being able to play when Europe is awake. (vice versa)

    What music genre you desire/want to play.
    Even if there is no regular music genre on the radio, we'd still like to know what kind of music we can associate you with. Feel free to fill in as many genres you'd like here.

    What radio experience do you have?
    THIS JUST IN! We don't require you to have any experience with DJing but if you have, please include this. All DJs who are accepted will be going through a trial time for about 3 weeks before they're officially hired.

    Other things:
    Your IRC nick. (You will be given trial access in the IRC channel and access to the staff channel.)
    Your age. (We do not recruit anyone below the age of 17. WITH EXCEPTIONS. If your application looks excellent and we think you seem interesting, we might give it a try.)
    Your e-mail. (This will not be shared with anyone but myself and only used by myself for radio related e-mails.)

    This thread might be edited in the future.
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