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    Default Rizon LimitServ

    Many rooms on Rizon use different forms of bots/scripts to keep a constant limit on the room to avoid flood attacks. This is something we have seen on other networks as well. The biggest issue with this is when that client loses internet often the room will end up with a limit too low and users can't get into the room for a short while. Or other rooms simply don't have the resources or know how to set one of these up.

    Rizon has now created a new service known as LimitServ in which will do this for you. The service keeps the limit of the room a few above the actual amount of users in the room and periodically checks it to make sure the room isn't at its maximum. Unlike most other scripts/bots this one will not change the limit of the room every 30-60 seconds if just one or no one joins. Many other bots constantly update the limit in cases where it is really not needed and just spam the room with very unwanted limit changes constantly.

    LimitServ is now open to the general public on Rizon. To add this feature to your channel the founder must simply type:

    /msg LimitServ request #channelname

    To remove this feature the founder simply has to type:

    /msg LimitServ remove #channelname

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please post them below.

    Thank You.
    Rizon Staff.
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