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    What is FunServ?

    FunServ is a custom service Rizon offers with a few different features that most no other irc network offers.

    ** All commands must be done by channel founder. **
    ** Once the bot is in your channel: .help for commands. **

    Trivia: /msg funserv request trivia - adds trivia bot to given channel.
    Trivia: /msg funserv remove trivia - removes trivia bot from given channel, all scores for channel are removed.

    Trivia commands:

    .trivia [number] - to start playing.
    .strivia - to stop current round.
    .topten/.tt - lists top ten players.
    .rank [nick] - shows yours or given nicks current rank.
    .next - skips question.
    .themes - lists available question themes.
    .theme set - changes current question theme (must be channel founder).

    More information on Trivia at

    Stats: /msg funserv request stats - adds stats bot to given channel.
    Stats: /msg funserv remove stats - removes stats bot from given channel.
    Stats: /msg Stats avatar - to upload an avatar pic.

    Stats commands:

    .stats - links you to a URL where your channel statistics are located.

    More information on Stats at

    Quotes: /msg funserv request quotes - adds quote bot to given channel.
    Quotes: /msg funserv remove quotes - removes quote bot from given channel, all quotes for channel are removed.

    Quotes commands:

    .quote add - adds given quote to database, must have voice or higher on channel.
    .quote del - removes quote number from database, must be channel founder.
    .quote search - searches database for given word.
    .quote read - messages quote matching given number.
    .quote random - messages a random quote.
    .quote total - messages number of quotes in database.

    More information on Quotes Feature at

    LimitServ: /msg funserv request LimitServ - adds limit bot to given channel, will set and update channel limit to prevent join floods.
    LimitServ: /msg funserv remove LimitServ - removes limit bot from given channel.

    More information on LimitServ at

    Internets: /msg funserv request Internets - adds Internets bot to given channel.
    Internets: /msg funserv remove Internets - removes Internets bot from given channel.

    Internets commands:

    .google - returns top matches from google.
    .bash - returns random bash quote.
    .bash search - returns bash quote numbers matching given search term.
    .bash - returns bash quote matching given number.
    .qdb - returns random qdb quote.
    .qdb search - returns qdb quote numbers matching given search term.
    .qdb - returns qdb quote matching given number.
    .urban - returns urban dictionaries definition if one exists for given word.
    .urban [number] - returns urban dictionaries [number] definition if it exists for given word.
    .fml - returns random fml quote.
    .fml - returns fml quote matching given number.
    .weather - returns current condition for given location, if found.
    .translate - translates given text.
    .help translate - for a list of supported languages and their language codes.

    More information on Internets bot at
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