Another "tutorial" from me, this time I'm going to explain you how to download songs via ClIRC. First of all, connect to and join one of these channels:
  • #mp3passion
  • #Mp3-Kingdom

Or join another MP3 download channel (/msg list chanlist mp3). Now you'll have to change some settings:
Go to Menu > Settings > DCC > Check all of the checkboxes and change the "Path to download files:" to /Music/ (for example).
After you got into one of the MP3-download channels, type:
@find musician|band|song
So if you're looking for Queen - we are the champions, type "@find We are the champions" or "@find Queen". Now a couple of users will PM you with messages that will look like this:
[quote][BlaBla] !BlaBla Queen-We-Are-The-Champions.mp3