What is ClIRC?

ClIRC is a homebrew IRC client for the Nintendo DS with a lot of features, for example nick autocomplete on "tab", a special mode for left handed people, input history, /ignore, file transfer by DCC, flexible settings of colors, highlights, and more. ClIRC is in my opinion the best IRC client for the Nintendo DS, mainly because it includes so much features and it's still being developed.

Where can I download ClIRC?

You can download ClIRC at cluster's homepage. Direct download link

How can I connect to Rizon while using ClIRC?

Go to Menu > Settings > IRC servers > Setup > now change Host to irc.rizon.net.

How can I create an auto-perform list?

Go to Menu > Settings > IRC servers > Setup > Edit autoperform list > enter the commands here.

Main features: (source: clusterrr.com)

* A clipboard in all dialog boxes. You can even copy from upper screen, holding "L" button.
* Using up to three servers at the same time.
* DCC chat support and file transfer by DCC in both directions (I really don't know what for, but in fact )
* Storing of logs directly to flash.
* Identification of server answers by numbers. I.e. not an interface only but the great deal of server answers is in English (for non-english servers).
* An alternative mode of nicklist request. Now you can see user's "away" status plus a complete list of his modes on server.
* Flexible settings of colors, highlights, etc.
* The prototype of scripts for advanced users. You can set commands, which will be executed after opening or closing of DS (turn away automatically, for example). You can previously make a list of commands for channels, privates and nick list, where the appropriate variables will be substituted as well. I.e. mIRC popups' analog
* All settings can be changed during a program work - it's no need to bother with ini files.
* Something like multitasking. At the same time you can download several files by DCC, get a list of channels and chat. Practically all tasks are working simultaneously, except the moment of connection.
* Nick autocomplete on "tab".
* Special mode for left handed people.
* Input history.
* Ignore.
* Russian in/out and interface (only for Russian version).

Main channel:

#ClIRC at irc.rizon.net

For more information about the services and other IRC FAQs look here.

If you have got any further questions, please send an email to nds[at]rizon.net