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Thread: I want to link my server to Rizon

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    Post I want to link my server to Rizon


    • This application is to be copied, filled out, and submitted to the help forum as a Routing thread prefix. (Other users will not be able to see your application.) If you fail to read the entire document, it will be rejected. When the application is accepted for voting, it will be moved out of the help forum. If you have questions, please see #routing.
    • The application must be fully filled out. If you don't know the answer to any of the questions in the application, we expect you to find out.
    • The server must be dedicated to Rizon:
      • Any server hosting an IRCd linked to another network will be denied, and if a linked server is found to be hosting an IRCd for another network, it will be delinked.
      • The server should not be hosting any major online service, like a large website, IRC bouncer, etc. We prefer the box to be as dedicated as possible.

    • Neither shells nor VMs will be accepted. We make exceptions for VMs if you own/run the host, and the host is not doing anything else major.
    • You are required to obtain permission from the datacenter.
      • You must provide the datacenter's contact information to Rizon.
      • The datacenter will be contacted about your application to ensure that they know of, support and agree with your application.

    • You must own the domain name you wish to have your server as, and the DNS irc.* must not be pointed to another network/IP.
    • You must run the approved security configuration and submit to security audit on request from the Routing Team.
    • The server must meet the following minimum requirements:
      • 2.0GHz, 2 cores
      • 2GB RAM
      • 1Gbit/s port
      • 900GB of bandwidth
      • 2 IPv4 IPs
      • Linux or FreeBSD

    • We do not accept links from the following hosting companies:
      • FDC
      • SagoNetworks
      • Staminus Communications
      • Santrex
      • Veritynet
      • Amazon AWS Micro or Small Instances


    ---- Cut & Paste ----
    Desired domain (e.g.,
    Processor (e.g., Intel E5-2660, 8 cores @ 2.20GHz):
    RAM (e.g., 4GB DDR3):
    Hard drive (e.g., 2xHP 146GB 15K in RAID 1):
    Operating system (e.g., Debian Squeeze):
    Network ports (e.g., 2x1Gbit/s LACP):
    Bandwidth (e.g., 10TB):
    IP addresses (e.g., - management, - ircd, - free):
    Other information (optional):
    Name (e.g., Steadfast):
    Geographical location (e.g., Chicago IL, USA):
    Capacity (e.g., 100Gbit/s):
    Aware of IRC activity (yes/no):
    Relationship to datacenter (i.e., colocation, dedicated, customer, and/or staff?):
    Other information (optional):
    Full name:
    IRC nick(s):
    Root access (yes/no):
    IRC experience (i.e., history of being linked, currently linked, or staff on other networks):
    List ALL others with root (full name, IRC nick, email, reason):
    Server owner (if different)
    Server owner's full name:
    Server owner's email:
    Other staff
    Choose your staff carefully. If you choose someone inappropriate,
    then it will have a detrimental effect on your chances to link to Rizon.
    Only choose people who you truly know won't abuse their privileges,
    as you will be held responsible for their actions.
    First IRCop (full name, nick, email):
    IRC experience:
    Second IRCop (full name, nick, email):
    IRC experience:
    Essay question
    Reasoning for application (i.e., how did you hear about Rizon?):
    Routing information
    Please paste the full output from the following script, RUN AS ROOT:
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